Toys & Accessoires

All kinds of products are available to make life for your cat a little more interesting and comfortable. Pet owners have a multitude of options when it comes to buying furniture and toys.

Do you want to build a lasting bond with your cat and keep things interesting? One of the best ways to accomplish this is by acquiring a range of toys, hideouts and other accessoires for your cat to experiment and play with. Nowadays there is something available for almost every possible scenario. On this page we’ve set out to try out all of them in order to recommend to you best cat toys and accessories available.

How to keep your indoor cat entertained

Among the practical items are plenty you could use for playtime and to create spots around the house where your cat could relax. Make some soft beds, tree’s and high posts where your cat can oversee her territory.

Feeding Balls

Looking to make meals just a tad more challenging for your cat? These feeder balls will slowly dispense food or treats as your kitty is playing with them. This is a great way stimulate her brain and she will enjoy having to work for the food.

Cat Trees / Scratch Posts

All cats scratch to sharpen their nails and mark territory with the little glands that are hidden under their paws. In order to accommodate your cat and her needs (and to protect your costly furniture!) you can buy beautiful scratch posts and set them up in your home.

Personalized Collars

Would you like to buy an amazing personal gift for your little feline friend? We have a multitude of options reviewed on our site. Make sure you check out the best personalized collars and see which one would look the prettiest on your cat,

Magic Ball Toys

Are you too busy to play with your cat? When activated, the flashing LED balls will automatically start rolling over the floor in random directions. The perfect pray for your cat to chase around and have fun with! These magic ball cat toys come with a whole host of nifty features that we examined in our spare time to help you out.

Car Accessories

If you like to travel by car and take your cat along, there’s a multitude of handy accessoires available to make the journey just a tad more comfortable for you and your kitty. Take a look at seat protectors, booster seats, seat belt tethers and so on.