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Best Magic Balls for Cats

Quick question: do you give your cat enough attention?

People’s lives are very busy in modern society. More work and screen time (thanks, social media!) means less time spent on family, and this unfortunately includes our pets.

Cats need a certain amount of stimulation each day to be happy, and todays domesticated indoor cat does not get nearly enough of it. The solution? Automatic toys have become a popular means of providing interaction to your cat when you are occupied or away from home.

The cat magic ball is one of those interactive toys, which uses movements, lights and noises to draw a cat’s attention and make her chase the ball. The idea here is to take some of your pet parenting duties out of your hands, and it works wonders!

When you are short on time, these handy little toys will help prevent boredom and give a cat endless fun while you are taking care of other responsibilities.

Top 3 Magic Balls for Cats (Recommended)

1. Cheerble Wicked Ball – Automatic and Interactive Toy

Cheerble Wicked Ball – 100% Automatic and Interactive Toy

The absolute king of interactive ball toys is the Cheerble wicked ball. It costs a little more than the other ones, but you get what you pay for. This one will keep your cat entertained for hours and you don’t even need an app to program it.

We chose this as our top product because it’s very well built and comes with many options out of the box. Cheerble’s wicked ball is perfect for keeping your pets active both physically and mentally. It has three reaction modes and Intelligent Companion system.

  • Outer shell is covered with soft wool
  • Super durable product made from industrial grade materials selected for toughness.
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • 100% water-proof
  • Can be cleaned with plain water

Catit Design Senses Circuit Motion Activated Illuminated Balls (2-pack)

Catit Design Senses Circuit Motion Activated Illuminated Balls Cat Toy (2-pack)

Our number two pick is the Catit Motion-activated ball. This is a great deal as you are getting not one, but two interactive toys for your cat to play with. And they come pretty cheap considering it’s a double pack.

These motion-activated cat toys light up whenever they are rolled over the floor. They’re sized just right to fit with other Catit products like the speed circuit toys (see the video below).

  • Compatible with Speed Circuit and Play Circuit.
  • Lighted balls attract cats and make play more fun.
  • Motion-activated.
  • Smooth outer surface, meaning they will quickly pick up speed.

Why would you buy a cat magic ball?

Stimulation is very important in the life of a cat. Especially so for cats kept indoors, as vets recommend at least 15 minutes of play each day. Using a magic ball is a great tool to prevent your cat from getting bored.

Simply put, these nifty balls will be very convenient on those busy days where you can’t really give your kitty friend the attention he or she deserves. Like humans, cats need to do something exciting besides their usual daily routine, to keep the mind stimulated and young. These magic balls will provide in that need, and the best part is that you can just leave the room once it’s turned on.

Your cat will have a blast, jumping around the living room and experiencing the thrill of the chase. Most balls come with a bright LED light, so you can even use it during night times.

In the attraction stage, the toy will move or light up to attract your pet’s attention. If your then pushes the magic ball, it will then shake or jump up in a random direction in response to the touch.

How do magic balls for cats work?

The best magic balls are easy to operate. They generally work on USB-rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. Charge up the batteries, insert them (you may be able to skip this step, depending on the type) and press a button to switch it on. The toy will then light up and automatically roll over the floor, providing endless entertainment for your cat.

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