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Are you trying to get in touch with us? Great, we love hearing from our readers! Questions, ideas and other general inquiries can be sent to webmaster@catpointers.com. If you have a question or request that is specifically adressed to one of our writers, be sure to mention their name in the subject line. We will make sure to deliver it to the right person.

You can also post to our facebook wall and/or tag our twitter name in your tweets to reach us. We love your cat pictures as well, so feel free to share those!

Guest post criteria

Catpointers is currently accepting guest posts from other sites. We have strict guidelines to ensure our website only publishes high quality, 100% original content from authoritive sources. To have your article considered, please make sure it is in the following format:

  • prefer in-depth articles that cover a topic from multiple angles. Aim for at least 1000 words, but more is better.
  • 100% original copy (will be checked on copyscape)
  • pick a topic that we haven’t extensively written about ourselves
  • include some unique, high-resolution images that are properly formatted
  • can include one or two links to your website
  • Write for the readers: no ads, no links to spammy sites, no selling products, and certainly no keyword stuffing. The sentences have to flow into one another.

Ready to pitch a subject or submit your finished copy? Send it to webmaster@catpointers.com with subject line “Guest post submission” and we will review your application asap!