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Would you like to contribute to Catpointers? We try to avoid posting so-called “commodity content”. The internet is filled with plenty of that already. Our philosophy revolves around engaging the visitor with high-quality, well-researched and original articles. To have your work considered, please make sure it is in the following format:

  • Come up with a title that we or other pet-related websites have not used before. Make it enticing.
  • Your article is in-depth, written in proper English, easy to understand, doesn’t contain fluff paragraphs, and gives exactly the type of information that our visitors crave.
  • Your article is at least 1000 words.
  • 100% original copy (will be checked with various tools)
  • We encourage the use of high-resolution images for a well-rounded and visually stimulating article that is pleasant to read. Make sure the images are properly formatted and do not fall under copyright laws
  • Can include max. 2 links to your website
  • Write for the reader: no ads, no links to spam or 18+ sites, no selling products, and certainly no keyword stuffing.

Tone of voice

Aim to write your article in such a way that cat owners feel right at home. Keywords: friendly & thorough. Use words that everyone can understand (but mention medical terms in brackets if necessary).

If you’re still not sure of the style, you can maximize your chances by reading some of our articles to get an idea of the type of content we like to publish.

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