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Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is an adorable and unique-looking breed of domestic cat that first appeared in the early 60s, when a Scottish shepherd called William Ross stumbled across a female cat that had unusual curled back ears. Despite being relative newcomers to the cat world, these cats have grown in popularity for their unique appearance and incredibly sweet natures.


The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized breed with large round eyes that are set wide apart on the skull, and distinct curled ears that fold forward and down towards the front of the head. They have relatively stocky frames but always with rounded edges which adds to their charming appearance. These cats can reach lengths of up to 11.8 inches however, compared to many other cat breeds, their tails are relatively short (about 2/3 thirds of their body length).


Scottish Folds come in a wide variety of colors and can be both long-haired or short-haired, however, the short-haired type is more widely recognized. Since these cats have a very dense coat with a thick undercoat, they can shed quite a lot. This makes them less suitable for people with allergies.


The distinct folded shape of the ears on the Scottish Fold breed is unmistakable! It is thought to have developed as the result of a natural mutation that has been purposely bred for ever since. Two types of fold exist in this breed; the simple fold, where the ears fold in from the middle, and the double fold, where the ears sit completely flat on the head. Kittens of this breed are actually born with straight ears, but around 3-5 weeks old they will begin to fold.

If you’re looking for an affectionate and easy-going breed to add to your family, this is surely a winner!


The Scottish Fold is known to be an incredibly affectionate and easy-going breed that just loves to follow its owner around the house looking for attention. Perhaps one of the most endearing characteristics of these cats is their tendency to sit up on their backs with both hind legs stretched out, in much the same way as a human would sit!


Scottish Folds are attentive without being overly demanding. They boast a medium energy level compared to other cats and love to play games and interact with the family. This kitten-like behavior is retained throughout their whole lives which makes these enigmatic cats popular with families. They are known to be incredibly intelligent cats that can pick up new tricks quickly and seem to enjoy problem-solving which makes puzzle feeders a good option for this breed. You will often find a Scottish Fold cat using his paws to open cupboards or playing with water from the faucet.

Scottish Fold & other pets/children

Scottish Folds are one of the easier breeds for multi-cat households. Your children will love them too!

The outgoing, social nature of this breed makes them an excellent choice for families, even those that already include other cats and even dogs. Scottish Folds are generally very tolerant of other pets. However, it is best to introduce them when they are young, as that it is when they will be the most accepting of another animal in their home.

Care should be taken with young children to ensure that play doesn’t get too rough. They have very delicate tails which can develop a painful stiffness if mishandled.

It’s also worth noting that Scottish Folds have a tendency to pick one particular member of the household that they develop a stronger bond with. A favorite person, if you will.


Because of their dense coat and thick undercoat, Scottish Folds require regular grooming to get rid of any dead hair and to keep their glossy coats in good condition. A short brushing session several times a week with a slicker brush or grooming comb is appropriate for this breed.

Why you should adopt a Scottish Fold

This unusual-looking breed has become incredibly popular in recent years due to its playful, loving nature. Looking to adopt one of these adorable cats? Here are a few pros and cons to consider:


Scottish Folds are perhaps one of the sweetest cat breeds on the planet, and will provide hours of entertainment with their unusual quirks and love of games! Their easy-going natures also make them relatively easy to care for and they will get on well with the rest of your family including any other pets.


If you’re thinking of adopting a Scottish Fold, prepare for regular brushing

Scottish Folds are not good for people who suffer from allergies as they have thick, dense coats that need to be groomed often. They also do not do well when left alone for long periods, so you must ensure someone is home most of the time to prevent boredom and anxiety.

In Short

If you are looking for a fun-loving, gentle cat with a quiet voice and a big personality, then the Scottish Fold is the breed for you! Not only are they cute to look at, but cats of this breed also have the personality to match!

Special Considerations

As is the case with most breeds, Scottish Folds are known to suffer from breed-specific health issues that you need to be aware of if you are considering adopting one of these beautiful felines:

  • The most common ailments include Osteochondrodysplasia, which is a disorder that can cause painful arthritis in the joints, and Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease which is caused by the development of cysts in the kidneys.
  • Like many others, the Scottish Fold is prone to obesity. You can prevent obesity by offering plenty of opportunities for play and exploring, and by feeding your cat a proper diet. Seek advice from your local vet if you are unsure.

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