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Daniel is the proud owner of Layla, who was a terrified stray kitten that he happened to come across while walking outside one day. Daniel devotes a lot of time to the presentation of the site, and he helps the other authors find interesting things to write about. Being a complete newbie in coding, Daniel also regularly finds himself cursing at the screen, after wasting hours trying to find that one little mistake that prevents his entire code from working.
Daniel: "I have a huge soft spot for animals. Adopting Layla as a kitten in 2019 opened my eyes to the fact that cats have quite subtle needs that are very different from most other pet animals. They're very mysterious creatures that secretly desire affection, while at the same time placing enormous value on their own independence. While learning to take care of Layla, I had come to realize there are probably millions of people around the world who are trying to raise a cat while knowing very little about them. With my background in biology and copywriting for the web, I had the necessary skills to produce my own articles. So I gave it a shot!
I ended up enjoying the writing of the first article (which is still available, by the way! You can view it over here) so much that I figured, hey, let's turn this into a hobby. The result is what you are reading today: I hope my blog can grow to become a meaningful source of information for every cat parent on the web. Being an animal lover by heart, I'm super excited to get this opportunity to contribute to making the world a better place for cats!"

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