A clean cat is a happy cat! This section contains articles that will teach you how to keep your kitty’s coat, paws, skin and teeth in top condition.

Few animals value their hygiene and appearance as much as cats do. Did you know most cats spend multiple hours each day grooming themselves to perfection? In line with their autonomous character, most cats are indeed able to take very good care of themselves. But that doesn’t mean you should never give them a hand!

Grooming your cat not only has an aesthetic effect, it also has real health benefits. A solid grooming routine will reduce hairballs, makes it easier to spot skin problems and parasites, and the ritual provides a perfect opportunity for bonding with your furry friend.

Grooming activities

Which cats need to be groomed?

Short-haired cats are generally able to take care of their coat all by themselves. Such breeds will only need an occasional brushing and claw trim.

Longer-haired cats will likely require more help in the form of daily brushing, as they can’t always keep up with their high-shedding coat. De-matting can be a painful activity for cats, so if you can do this in a gentle way, your help will definitely be appreciated!

As cats get older, a good grooming ritual will have to become part of your cat-care routine throughout the year. Senior cats have stiffer joints, which makes it harder for them to groom themselves.

Tip: Starting a grooming ritual with your cat from an early age makes things easier in adulthood, and allows you to build a strong bond through physical contact.