Siamese kitten on bed - do Siamese cats shed hair?

Do Siamese cats shed? (We asked a vet!)

As cat owners (or rather, people who are owned by cats!), we all know what it’s like to have a cat who sheds their hair. Sometimes the task of de-fuzzing the sofa, bedspreads, and carpets can seem like an endless task. It is true that some cat breeds are worse than others when it comes to shedding hair. So, what about Siamese cats? Do Siamese cats shed a lot of hair?

What type of coat does a Siamese cat have?

Siamese cats are unique and lovable, with their unusual and often loud vocalizing, their beautiful blue eyes, and their signature markings. But one of the best things about a Siamese cat is that they have a short, low-shed coat, meaning that those hours spent on in the home hair removal might be a thing of the past! Don’t throw away your lint roller just yet though, because although they are a low hair shedding breed, all cats shed some hair.

What are the benefits of a short-haired, low-shedding cat?

Cats who have a short coat and don’t shed lots of hair have a few added benefits aside from helping you maintain a hair-free home. People with allergies, asthma, or other airway sensitivities often experience flare-ups when in the presence of lots of cat hair. In these cases, Siamese cats and other cats that are low shedders are often a good option as a pet as they can be considered hypoallergenic. However, all cats and people are different, so please make sure you don’t react before bringing your Siamese cat home!

Another benefit is that short-haired cats require less grooming than long-haired cats, and are far less prone to knots and mats.

Does that mean I don’t need to brush my Siamese cat?

Even though Siamese cats have short hair, a low-shed coat, and a meticulous personal grooming regime, that doesn’t mean that their coat doesn’t require any care from you. All cats benefit from regular grooming, to remove any dead hair and debris that might be trapped in the fur. Although some cats aren’t keen on being brushed, if you start doing it regularly when they are young, they are likely to tolerate it well or even enjoy it!

To summarize…

Siamese are among the lowest shedding breeds and this, combined with their short haircoat, not only reduces the amount of cat hair around your home but also reduces the time you’ll need to spend grooming your furry friend. With all the hours you’ll be saving, you’ll have plenty of time for relaxing cuddles on the sofa with your ‘purrfect’ pet!

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