KittyPooClub Review – The Eco-Friendly Litter Box Subscription

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While browsing the web I came across KittyPooClub the other day, and their products grabbed my attention. If you’re not familiar with the company yet, basically they offer a subscription-style service where you receive a cardboard litter box in the mail every month. Eh .. What? Cardboard!? Yep.

So what’s the deal here? If you subscribe to their service, they’ll ship you a new litter box every month that is leakproof and designed to last 30 days. After a month, you toss the entire thing out and replace it with a new one that is delivered to your door by KittyPooClub. Quickly put it together, fill it up, and it’s ready to be used again. With this subscription, you can say goodbye once and for all to the whole process of cleaning out and washing your old plastic litter box. Convenience at its best!

But convenience is certainly not the only reason to buy a subscription. The company is doing everything it can to reduce the impact of litter products on the environment, so their KittyPooClub litter box is made entirely from recycled cardboard and plastic, which makes it super eco-friendly. How noble.

Contents of the package

KittyPooClub sent us a sample of their cardboard litter box for review, which came with a bag of fine silica litter. You can also opt to have it shipped with clumping clay, organic soy, or diatomite, so there’s a good chance they can deliver it with your preferred litter type as well.

The products arrived inside a carton package that contained everything that I needed to set things up: a set of instructions, a bag of litter, and the cardboard box itself. Fun fact: turns out the litter box is designed to also function as the packaging, which saves them from using additional materials for shipping.

According to KittyPoo, this smart design choice saves them from using an entire carton for every single litter box that is shipped. Nifty! They really do seem to live up to their name of being the most eco-friendly litter company.

Every box comes with a manual and instructions for maintaining your litter. Of course, it’s also made from recycled materials!

Setting everything up

Before ordering, I had decided to place the litter box in our home office to see how it works. Our regular plastic litter boxes are on the 3rd floor, and I was a bit concerned about the distance that our cats need to travel to reach it. Since it was going to be placed next to our dog’s crate, I ordered the box with the dome for more privacy.

While folding the cardboard into a functioning litter box was pretty easy, the dome did give me a bit of a problem. Thankfully, the directions sheet (also made from recycled material!) came with a website link in case people have trouble putting the box together. I watched a video of theirs online, and then it went together quickly with little fuss.

With everything folded into place, setting things up was easy enough: I placed the box on top of the lid that came with it (which is suggested for extra protection). Then, I poured in the litter, which comes in a solid plastic package with a litter scooper included. It spread nicely throughout the box at a deep enough height to satisfy any cat who likes to dig before relieving themselves.

With everything prepared, I set my new recycled litter box in the corner of my office, and waited to see if Sookie and KitKat would take the bait.

Did it work?

Sookie Sue didn’t waste any time. I think she’s not even visiting her old litter boxes anymore.

As you can see in the picture, Sookie Sue jumped in without any hesitation to see what the heck this new thing was suddenly doing in her house. She seemed to enjoy the more private aspects of the box with the higher sides of the dome, and she literally used it within 15 minutes of my setting the litter box in place, Since then she’s consistently used it all week. At this point, I think she’s ignoring her own litter boxes on the 3rd floor. What a success!

My thoughts on the products

The silica litter they sent me was great! I like that there isn’t any of that overly sweet, perfumed scented litter that gags me. The odor-destroying fine-grain silica litter doesn’t have a scent itself, but, it absorbed the smell of Sookie’s business quickly. She seems to like to dig around in it, and it’s deep enough that she can make a nice hole to suit her. (She’s picky.)

As for the cardboard box, it folds together easily and doesn’t take up much space. I had some initial concern over whether it would become stinky and soaked with urine after a few days, but they did a great job designing it to last you a month. I also like the fact that you choose whatever variation of litter you want to use in the box.

Value discussion

For $25 you’re getting a bag of litter for one month, a scoop, and your cardboard litter box. To me, this seems a pretty sweet deal, considering the price isn’t much higher than if you were to buy just a single bag of litter at a competitor. The monthly delivery will appeal to a certain audience. If you look at the price of their bags litter, they’re pretty competitive when compared to the big brands.

Do we recommend it .. ?

Yes! This is an excellent service for people who do not want to support plastic litter boxes, but also for those who simply hate cleaning them! The fact that KittyPoo uses recycled materials is a huge plus in my book. We have to start cutting down on those plastics!

I also think that this would be a perfect gift for a senior who had a cat. My mother has a cat, and I believe this box would be less work for her. She wouldn’t have to be concerned about filling up the litter box or emptying it. We could just get rid of it when it’s time and set a new one in its place.

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised with KittyPooClub’s disposable litter box and other products, and would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s interested in trying a cat litter service.

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