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Salmon-flavored food products reviewed

It’s not exactly a big secret that cats are very fond of fish. In today’s article we are taking a look at some of the major cat food products containing salmon meat or flavorings. We’ve checked what is exactly in these meals. Our main objective is to find out whether they really are as good as they are claiming to be on the packaging (spoiler: not all of them are)

A little warning up front: be careful when you give these salmon treats and food bags to your cat, ’cause she may find them so irresistible that she will never want to eat regular food again!

Best Salmon Food & Treats (Recommended)

1. I and Love and You Naked Essentials Salmon & Trout Recipe Dry Cat Food

A bag of naked essentials salmon flavored dry food
I and Love and You Naked Essentials Salmon & Trout Recipe Dry Cat Food

If you’re looking for a superb grain free salmon food then look no further than I and Love and You’s super high quality dry kibble from the Naked Essentials line. This food is made only from top of the line ingredients, including 100% real salmon and trout meat. No grain is to be found in this bag.

It’s one of those rare recipes that seems to do éverything right: high in protein, low in carbs, plus it contains every single vitamin and mineral that is essential to keeping your cat healthy. Every Naked Essentials recipe is also enriched with prebiotics and probiotics to support digestion.

  • Grain free cat food: no wheat, corn, soy or any other cheap fillers used
  • Contains real, quality salmon with plenty of omega 3 and omega 6
  • Super healthy food choice: no artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives
  • Added prebiotics & probiotics to promote healthy intestines
  • High protein content

2. Friskies Pate Salmon Dinner Canned Cat Food

A can of Friskies' canned salmon food
Friskies Pate Salmon Dinner Canned Cat Food

Purina’s Friskies line has one of, if not thé best salmon paté currently out there. It has a very soft texture, which means you can easily mix it into dry kibble as a taste enhancer. Alternatively, you could just put it straight in the bowl as a treat. This one belongs to the best salmon cat foods.

Friskies salmon pate consists of approximately 45% protein (based on dry matter analysis). That makes it a healthy choice for your cat, and it is also well-suited to growing kittens. It also adds plenty of moisture content, something most cats don’t get enough off in their usual daily diet.

  • Suitable for both growing kittens and adults
  • Smooth texture & superb taste
  • Contains a lot of moisture
  • Mostly high quality ingredients.
  • Not grain-free

3. Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon

An orange bag with salmon treats from Life Essentials
Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon

We picked these freeze-dried treats from Life Essentials because they are one of the best and tastiest salmon cat treats on the market. Your cat will absolutely love these to bits, and they work great as a healthy snack for training / rewarding.

Life Essentials Wild Alaskan Salmon treats are organic (meaning zero additives & preservatives) and they contain real salmon. They have the perfect composition for a healthy treat: very high in protein and omega’s, while staying low in calories and saturated fats.

These crunchy cat bites are so delicious that you can easily use them as an appetite enhancer when changing diets. The only real downside we could find among hundreds of reviews was the smell; it can be quite overwhelming to some.

  • Contains lots of protein & few saturated fats
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Comes in a sealable bag
  • Helps to entice eating when crumbled on regular kibble
  • Grain-free

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cats allowed to eat raw salmon?

The answer is no, raw salmon for cats is not a good choice. Nor is any other raw fish meat for that matter. Besides the serious risk of food poisoning from Salmonella and other harmful bacteria, raw fish contains an enzyme that destroys thiamine. Thiamine (more commonly known as vitamin B1) is required for many cellular processes.

Low levels of vitamin B1 in the body can lead to some seriously bad side-effects such as loss of appetite, tingling sensations, loss of vision, nausea, vomiting, agitation and fatigue. Needless to say, you don’t want your cat to become deficiencient for this essential nutrient.

So what about smoked, cooked and canned salmon?

Some foods that contain healthy fats
Salmon is a source of healthy omega fats. Just make sure you cook it thoroughly to avoid the risk of thianine-deficiency.

Smoked salmon can upset the stomach, but cooked and canned meat are okay. In fact, cooked salmon is very good for cats and is often used in the best salmon dry cat food because cats derive the same benefits from the fatty acids as humans do.

Omega 3 and 6 are known to promote cardiovascular health and support a healthy immune-function. These fats are also associated with healthy hair, eyes and skin among numerous other worthwhile benefits.

Cooked salmon additionally contains a whole list of healthy macro- and micro-nutrients that are vital to healthy functioning. These include mutiple B-vitamins, selenium and potassium among others.

In short, cooked salmon is a very healthy food for cats as long as you don’t overdo it (once or twice a week but no more)

Is Salmon flavored wet food good for cats?

Foods that only contain flavorings and no real meat can generally be given as often as you want, provided they are from a respectable brand and contain all the essential nutrients to support healthy growth. Salmon flavored wet cat food will taste amazing to your cat! The only potential downside of these foods is that if you give them too often, your cat may no longer want to eat anything else !

Homemade salmon cat food

Some people prefer to prepare their own cat food. If you are one of those who like to mess around in the kitchen, cooked salmon is actually a great ingredient to include in your homemade cat meals (as long as you’re making sure it is cooked thoroughly).

What is the best salmon dry cat food?

A question that often pops up is which is the number one salmon dry food. It’s hard to say, but the dry foods included on this page are definitely some of the top tier products among salmon cat foods, as they are full of animal-sourced proteins and healthy fats. I recommend you order some and see which one your cat likes best.

Can cats eat tuna?

Over the last decade tuna fish has increasingly been contaminated with mercury, a poisonous metal that accumulates in the animals that sit at top of the marine food chain. For cats and their tiny bodies, even small amounts of mercury can be unhealthy. We discourage you to feed your cat raw tuna.

Canned tuna may contain lower amounts of mercury, but on the flipside it often comes with a lot of added sodium and other preservatives that probably aren’t the most healthy thing for your cat to digest. A little here and there probably won’t hurt, but to be on the safe side we discourage you from making tuna a major part of your cat’s diet.

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