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Why you should try tofu cat litter

Cat litter comes in many varieties. Today, we’re looking at a very special type of cat litter made from tofu beans. There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of tofu cat litter before. It sounds pretty weird, doesn’t it? Who the heck would come up with the idea to make litter out of beans?

But in reality, this is actually a really good litter. And it has the added bonus that is even more awesome for those of you who care a great deal about the environment. Tofu cat litter is an excellent choice if you want to replace your regular litter, as it is completely eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic, and overall just an excellent alternative to non-biodegradable litters!

Best Tofu Cat Litters

So what are the benefits? (Pros and cons)

Whereas normal litter will usually last you about 1 to 2 weeks before it becomes too smelly and you have to replace it, our experiments with tofu resulted in significantly longer times. Our eco litter usually lasts about three weeks to a whole month before we have to go out and replace it.

1. It lasts longer

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2. It’s completely safe

Since tofu is a natural product made from bean dregs. Your cat can safely ingest some of these by accident and it won’t cause any harm. We still would not recommend you start feeding your cat a whole truck of tofu beans, but it’s nice to know that that this product is safe.

There is also the fact that regular litter tends to produce a lot of dust when it is poured. Breathing in these particles is not exactly healthy for your lungs, not to mention your cat’s. But tofu litter produces no dust clouds. That’s a big advantage right there!

Note: the products that we tried were free from additives and other chemicals. Do check on the bag to make sure yours is too!

A blue scoop filled with litter

3. 100% eco-friendly

This product is a great choice for those of you who care a lot about our environment (and you should!). The eco-friendly nature of this product means it is completely bio-degradable. You can even get rid of the stuff by flushing it down the toilet, or by using it as organic compost in your yard if that’s what you desire.

4. Great absorption

We did a little experiment where we filled two cups, one with regular clay clumping litter and one with our tofu litter. We then poured water into both cups until they were completely soaked. Guess what the results were?

Indeed, the tofu litter was able to hold much more water. It absorbed almost four times as much moisture compared to the regular clay litter. Not bad!

5. Virtually no tracking

Another great quality of tofu kitty litter is that the bean particles aren’t sticky at all, which means it has virtually no tracking. Which in turn means there’s less for you to clean up! It also clumps into small and very solid nuggets, which makes scooping much easier.

How to use tofu cat litter

  • Make sure you start with a clean litter box. Pour about 2 to 3 inches of tofu litter into the box. Give it a bit of a shake to get a nice even surface.
  • Scoop out any clumps regularly. You can flush them down the toilet, or toss them in the trash.
  • Add some more tofu litter after scooping to ensure the litter box remains filled.

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