A british shorthair cat

British Shorthair

As a breed that’s been in existence for hundreds of years and is one of the most popular pedigree breeds in the UK, it’s very likely that you’ve seen this beautiful cat before. The British Shorthair is an iconic cat that boasts easily distinguishable physical characteristics, which is a result of selective breeding during the nineteenth century.


Their solid, rounded physique and muscular appearance are certainly reflected in their weight: the males can weigh up to 7kg! However, they tend to average at around 4 to 5kg and are therefore considered to be a medium to large breed. All in all, there’s plenty of cat for you to enjoy!

The British Shorthair has unusual facial features as they have a short nose and chubby cheeks, which creates a smiling expression. This very smile is believed to be what inspired the character of the Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland.


Cheeky grins aside, these cats also boast a lavish coat that is short, dense and uniform in length. Originally, the breed was only available in blue and therefore known as the British Blue. However, the British Shorthair cat colors now come in a wide range including white, black, tabby, calico, cream, tortoiseshell, and bi-color with colors such as lilac and pointed among others that have emerged.

Tip: While the coat is short, it is also very dense and therefore requires a good combing at least once a week, especially during spring.


The eyes of the British Shorthair, also at one point limited to one color, can now be found in gold, copper, blue and green. However, the poster boy for the breed remains blue with striking copper eyes. How could you possibly resist the charm of such a regal-looking cat?

Are you trying to find out if the British Shorthair is a match to your personality? Let’s take a look at the intricacies of this breed.


To match their irresistible, almost teddy bear-like appearance, the British Shorthair’s personality is generally very calm and affectionate. Contrary to a breed like the Abyssinian, they are not known to be the most active nor playful breed of cat, but they certainly make up for their indifference to mischief with their easygoing nature.

This giant is widely regarded as one of the most gentle souls in the cat kingdom. They do not demand a lot of attention, nor do they possess the curiosity of certain other breeds.

Do not mistake their inactivity for stupidity, however! The British Shorthair is an intelligent breed that requires plenty of mental stimulation. They will definitely appreciate having a few toys at their disposal, should they decide they feel like goofing around.

Adding to the charming appearance, placid nature, and intelligence, these cats are also incredibly loyal. They do live up to their British heritage and can be a little reserved, so you may want to instruct your children not to pick them up and drag them about. However, they certainly are more than happy to sit next to you on the sofa and hold court while enjoying your strokes and kisses.

While not extremely silent, they are also not known for being overly vocal and could best described as occasionally chatty. Their voice isn’t like the loud yowling you would expect from certain others breeds, so it is a good reflection of their overall chilled-out and pleasant demeanor. 

Who should adopt a British Shorthair?

These beautiful cats make fantastic pets. They are gentle, patient, loyal, and non-destructive which means British Shorthair adoption is a wonderful idea for individuals and families alike. If you’re the type of person to spend periods of time out of the house, you will find the Shorthair is not too dependent and will in fact appreciate some occasional alone time.

Luckily for some, the British Shorthairs don’t just enjoy the company of their human family members but also do well living with other cats and animals in the household, as ever proper introductions are important but in general, you are unlikely to encounter much resistance on their part. 

Due to their incredibly cute, rounded features these cats have also found themselves being very popular on platforms such as Instagram where #BritishShorthair has over 8.2 million posts! While appearance and personality are both important factors when deciding on a new feline friend, another important consideration is health, these guys are generally a very healthy breed with no genetic concerns which you might expect from other pedigree breeds. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should not take them for regular checkups and keep their vaccinations up to date.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a British Shorthair cost?

The price range is typically around $1000 to $2000 from a registered breeder, while unregistered breeders may charge a lot lower at $250 – $700. Should you decide to purchase your Shorthair from an unregistered breeder, we highly recommend you perform proper checks on the seller.

Are British Shorthairs hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately for those who have allergies, the answer is no. While they do have a short coat, it is dense and sheds a lot especially during the spring months. This means that the breed is likely unsuitable for people who suffer from severe allergic reactions to cats.

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