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Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is an exceptionally rare breed of cat. Unlike the name suggests, they originate from 1950s England. They were the result of a planned breeding between Siamese and domestic cats.


This cat has an average-sized and muscular body. Sterilized Havana Brown tend to become larger and somewhat chubby. Their head shape is longer than it is wide, with a distinctive angle to the bridge of the muzzle. This is topped with large forward-facing ears, giving them a very alert appearance. The body is elegant yet firm and muscular. They are a medium-sized breed, weighing in at around 3-4 kg.


The glossy chocolate brown coat is by far the most eye-catching element of these cats. It is short, smooth, and shiny. They are the only breed that comes exclusively in solid brown, head to tail. Yet, kittens are often born with tabby markings that vanish as they grow.

A brown kitten with a ball of yarn


Unlike most other breeds, the Havana Brown is one of the few cat breeds that always has green eyes. Their paw pads and silky nose are rosy brown, their whiskers must also be entirely brown.

Legend has it that the name Havana is in reference to the color of a Cuban cigar. Others argue that instead they are named after a brown breed of domestic rabbit.


These cats can be chatty, but don’t have the famous yowl of their Siamese relatives. They do, however, share some mischievous traits. Havana Brown cats use their paws and mouth to explore and communicate, and are known to pick up things and run around with them. Missing a few socks? It’s very possible that your thief has four legs! They are also known to enjoy playing games such as fetch and are highly trainable.

The curious nature of this cat will have them meet strangers with a warm welcome, rather than hide.


If you’re looking for an independent cat, this probably isn’t the one for you. They absolutely crave human interaction, and will regularly follow you around the house. This breed is even known to hang over your shoulder as you perform daily activities.

They are curious and intelligent cats who will keep you amused during playtime. But are also sweet and affectionate during downtime, gently nudging or pawing at you, should you forget your petting duties for a moment.

Tip: These cats are known to easily befriend the family dog. Many owners also find it surprising how easily they can travel with their Havana Brown.

The Havana Brown and your family

Havana Browns are known for becoming very attached to their family, and as a consequence, they do not appreciate being left alone for extended periods. It has been observed that they sometimes pick a favorite human to follow around the home, but they can also thrive in a multispecies household.

Thanks to their balanced temperament, these cats also make wonderful family pets. As ever, close supervision is advised with young children. You can expect these healthy cats to be part of your family for approximately 15-20 years. They are best kept as house cats.


If you are looking for a cat with minimal grooming requirements, you are on the right track. These guys are incredibly low maintenance, a weekly brush will keep their short, smooth coat looking glossy. Another perk of this short coat is they do not shed much, so your clean washing pile is safe. They have been known to enjoy grooming their humans back!

Tip: While grooming requirements are low, the large ears need to be cleaned at least once a month. You can buy a special cleaning solution at your local pet store.

Reasons to adopts

What is your idea of the perfect cat.. Smart? Affectionate? Play fetch? Well, this could certainly be the right cat for you, as the Havana Brown ticks all those boxes. Their willingness to learn tricks, their amiable disposition, and their playful nature, make them a wonderful addition to almost any household. It’s important to remember, these cats are social creatures and will not be happy left alone for long periods.


  • Super affectionate
  • Intelligent
  • Great with kids, dogs, and other family members
  • Low shedding means little grooming requirements
  • Entertaining
  • Highly trainable


  • Finding one may prove difficult
  • Rare breed, thus very expensive
  • Prone to certain breed-specific health issues
  • Needs a lot of company

In short

They love company, so they can live happily with children and other animals. That being said, they also like to bond deeply with a single person, meaning a large family isn’t a must. Low grooming requirements and short fur is another plus for them. The Havana Brown is a fantastic cat all-round, whether you’re looking for a lap cat or a partner in crime.

Special considerations

While the Havana Brown is mostly a healthy cat that lives on average for 15-20 years, there are specific problems related to this breed:

  • They have very muscular and lean bodies, but can easily get overweight if you feed them too much.
  • They are also prone to gingivitis, thanks to their Siamese relatives. It would therefore be a great idea to brush their teeth and buy a good water additive.
  • This breed has an increased occurrence of kidney stones
  • Be mindful while searching for a kitten, as some breeders have reportedly tried to sell mixed-breeds for the price of a purebred.


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